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“Motherless Child” ~ By: Kingwasabe

Justice for George Floyd

Quote- “I heard George Floyd saying, ‘I can’t breathe, get off me’… and crying for his mother. ” -Darnella Frazier

QR Scan Code, to your device to free stream the song, “Motherless Child” . Lyrics and song composed, performed by Gordon Henry’c. Song published By: Kingwasabe.

Motherless Child
Free Stream Track “Motherless Child” By: Kingwasabe

About “Motherless Child” (Published March 05, 2021) By” A version composition by: Gordon Henry’c.
Paul Robeson sang this song, Marian Anderson sang this song at Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King’s memorial. Richie Havens’ arrangement was the opening song at the historically noteworthy 1969 Woodstock Music Festival,, his version entitled, “ The Freedom Song”.

Presented here is an original performance piece, an adaptation for Y2K featuring vocal soloist and electric guitarist: Gordon Henry’c.

Published by kingwasabe, Kingwasabe Music, I-Kingwasabe, Singer Songwriter, World Music, Music Collaborations, Online Music Producer, Music Publishing, L.I.M.E. ~ (Lopez Island Music Experience)

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